Admissions and Academic Board Unit is an arm of the Registry directly responsible to the Registrar. The Unit broke out from Academic Affairs in the year 1997 which is now divided into two i.e Admissions and Academic Board Unit and Examinations and Records Unit. The unit is headed by a Deputy Registrar. The unit is saddled with the responsibilities of students Admission, Academic issues and other related matters.


 To ensure that the best qualified candidates are selected and admitted into the College.



The unit is a strategic component of the Registry which deals with the keeping of records of academic activities in the College. It also oversees all the matters related to students’ admission and co-ordinates Academic Board. The unit also works towards stress free admission procedures with wide publicity and the avoidance of bottle necks that will give the College an edge above other institutions.


(i)                     Office Accommodation

(ii)                   Office Furniture

(iii)                  Notice Board

(iv)                  Printer Tonner

(v)                   Photocopier Machine & Tonner

(vi)                  Replacement of Motor Bike


The unit is one distinct unit in the Registry. The unit occupies a unique position in academic affairs of the College. The unit is headed by a Deputy Registrar who is supported by Senior Assistant Registrar, Administrative Officers, Chief Executive Officers and Clerical Officers. The unit carries out assignments promptly and efficiently in accordance with directives.


(a)  Carrying out admission exercise in line with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) guidelines.

(b)  Implementing decisions and policies of the Academic Board and the   approved recommendations of the Business Committee of the Academic Board.

(c)  Servicing the College Admissions Committee.

(d)  Servicing Results/Certificates Verification Committee.

(e)  Screening the NCE Final Year Students based on entry qualifications.

(f)  Processing the request for change of courses and attending to other related matters.

(g)  Screening of the newly admitted students, to determine their suitability.

(h)  Responsible for the collection of files of registered students for onward  transmission to Examinations and Records Unit of the Registry.

(i)   Work hand in hand with College Information and Communication Technology Centre (ICT) on Admission Matters.

(j)  Matriculating newly admitted students and the custodian of College Matriculation Register.

(k) Liaising with Jamb Office on Admission Policies in line with NCCE minimum guidelines.

(l)   Releasing of provisional admission letters to qualified students.

(m) Carrying out any other related assignments as may be directed by the Registrar.


The unit was established to handle all College Admissions and to service College Academic Board and its subsidiaries.

(i)            The unit had successfully conducted series of Post-UTME Screening Exercises in line with JAMB & NCCE guidelines.

(ii)          The unit had successfully issued admission letters to newly admitted students based on the required guidelines.

(iii)         The unit had serviced the Business Committee of the Academic Board meetings from time to time which make decisions for academic Board approval.

(iv)         The unit had also serviced the Academic Board which is the highest Academic decision making body of the College.

(v)          The unit had also successfully engaged in screening of NCE Final Year students based on the entry qualification.


(a)     Plan to improve students’ enrolments.

(b)     Regular attendance at JAMB Technical meetings and periodic visitations to JAMB Office for proper regularization of all admitted students in line with the NCCE minimum standard.

(c)     Quality and prompt service delivery

(d)     Attending to the students and parents effectively through counseling on admission requirement and placement.

(e)     Providing solutions to all problems in place of slogan by attending to all enquiries on students related matters.