Historical Background

Consequent upon the enactment of the Freedom of Information Act, public service parastatal and Agencies were all mandated to establish a Unit to be saddled with the responsibility of implementing the Act.  In line with this mandate, the College established the Freedom of Information Unit in 2012.

Philosophy and Objectives of the Unit

The Unit primary aim is to make information available in line with the Freedom of Information Act based on the philosophy of openness in governance and this of course is the objective philosophy of the Unit.

Structure of the Unit

The Unit is under the Registry Department; hence it is headed by a Deputy Registrar, the choice of which is determined by the Registrar.  As a registry Unit, there are administrative staff of all cadres who works with the Unit head as the job specification demanded.

Past Directorate

The pioneering head of the Unit was a Deputy Registrar, Mrs. A.S. Usman, who was a sabbatical appointee.

Functions of the Unit

  1. Assisting the Registrar in the day to day running of the Unit
  2. Attending to requests of the public in line with the Freedom of Information Acts specification.
  3. Sensitizing the College community on the provision of the Freedom of Information Acts.
  4. Organizing in-house ‘training’ to staff of the unit so as to keep them abreast of the Act requirement.
  5. Creating database for the storage of information relevant to the Acts provision.
  6. Explore the pro-active mode of information dissemination in line with Freedom of Information Act demands
  7. Providing secretariat service to the committee set up on the implementation of the Act with the College.
  8. Carrying out any other related duties as may be assigned by the Registrar.

Notable Achievements

  1. Prompt Information Dissemination: Information are now widely disseminated and made readily available to staff and students on demand through various means including print, electronic and on-line sources and at various offices
  2. Database Creation: Information are accessed and data generated periodically to the College community.
  3. Rumour mongering and distortion of information has reduced drastically arising from the pro-active release of information to the public by the Unit.
  4. Productivity Enhancement: The Freedom of information Act paved way for productivity enhancement in the College.
  5. Transparency in College Governance: The Freedom of Information Act improved transparency in College governance.

Projected Achievement

  1. To publicize the existence of the Freedom of information Act
  2. To educate the College community on the content of the provision of the Act.
  3. To organize seminar on the implementation of the Act
  4. To create a reliable database on the College activity and operation
  5. To pro-actively release information that would be of interest to the College community.


The Freedom of Information Unit is established to disseminate information and create awareness to the College community.

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