The Internal Quality Assurance and Control was initially established as a Committee headed by Dr. S. O. Agbato as its chairman in March 2012.

In December 2015, the Committee metamorphous into a full fledged Unit and has Dr. S. O. Agbato as the Acting Director for the Unit.

The philosophy of the Unit is to ensure delivery of prompt quality service and assurance of strict compliance to the implementation of Government policy on minimum standard of Education.


The mission of the Unit is to ensure that every stakeholder in the College upholds the principle of quality service delivery and to enforce all machinery designed to control and guide processes of service delivery among the entire staff of the College.



The Unit is established with a view to performing the following roles within the College.

  1.  Ensuring prompt delivery of quality services by both Teaching and Non-Teaching Departments in the College;
  2. To ensure strict compliance with the implementation of NCCE minimum standard as it relates to teaching, learning and evaluation;
  3. To ensure discipline among staff and students;
  4. To ensure that staff, both teaching and non-teaching possess the right attitude to work;
  5. To ensure that students possess the right attitude to learning;
  6. Serve as an advisory body to the College Management on the better way to achieve the College objectives via proper implementation of College statutory programmes;
  7. Serves as advisory body to the College Management on the provision of infrastructure in the College and;
  8. To collaborate with Academic Planning Unit to foster better Educational Management and Administration Policy in the College.


Internal Quality Assurance and Control Unit has been able to record the following achievement in the College.

  1. Discipline is injected into teaching and leaving practices in the College.
  2. Right attitude to work is assured among staff in the College.
  3. The effort of the Unit has translated into drastic reduction in the rate of Examination misconduct among students.
  4. Strict compliance of the College to the minimum standard is achieved.
  5. The supervisory styles adopted by the Unit during lectures and examination sessions has translated to good standard and quality of lectures and examination policy in the College.
  6. Clash in the lectures and examinations time-table as disappeared in the system.