Historical Background

 The intent of any organization is to be productive and versatile in the arts and procedures of pursuing the goals and objectives it has set for itself.  In this direction, human resources development becomes paramount and stands to be a key factor when reflecting on ways for making such organization productive and versatile.  The intention of the college in realizing the above goals midwife the birth of staff training and development unit in 2011 in the College . It is the expectation of the College that the unit will make human resources development platform robust, flexible and capable of nurturing and rebranding the exiting human resource.


Philosophy and Objectives of unit:

The set objectives for the unit are a reflection of the goals of the college which run thus:

  1. Enhancement of performance and productivity through effective training and retraining for effective service delivery.
  2. Building an effective structure for sustainable human resource.
  3. Exposing staff to human resource capacity building Strategy
  4. Providing skills surrounding human resource management framework.
  5. Avail Staff with required experience on core responsibility and challenges Pose on them by their designations.


Structure of the Unit:

The unit is presently headed by a Deputy Registrar Mrs. S. A. Adeyemi with the Assistance of the following officers.

  1. Mrs. N. A. Akinyemi                   –        Administrative Officer II
  2. Mr. Amoah David O.                  –        Assistant Executive Officer
  3. Mrs. Owoseni Mary Adefunke    –        Chief Clerical Officer

Past Heads of Unit:

  1. Mr. Ajala Callistus Oluyemi:  A Sabbatical appointee with the College as Deputy Registrar, Staff Training and Development unit, 28th January, 2013 to 2nd December, 2015.
  2. Mr. Victor Ajayi:  He was deployed to Staff Training and Development Unit on 3rd February, 2014 and was there till 4th August, 2014.
  3. Mr. K. A. Oladeji:  He was Head of the unit between 4th August, 2014 to July, 28th 2015.


Functions in the unit/activities: 

The functions of the unit since inception evolve round its philosophy and objectives.  It has been trying to be in tune with these goals.

  1. Its function/programmes run concurrently with the activities of the

         Registry Staff Training and Development Committee by collaborating

         in organizing training Programmes for Registry Staff.

  1. The unit has been working assiduously in designing different training programme for all staff of the college
  2. Sensitization of College Staff on various training programme organize at local and International levels.
  3. Ensuring the appropriateness of training programmes, conferences, course of studies and seminars to be attended by staff and making recommendations for the approval to the management.
  4. Made Proposals for the College and reaching out to different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Corporate Bodies (Local and International) and philanthropists to sponsor different Training Programmes that are tangent to the aims and objectives    of the College.


Notable Achievements: 

Various proposals by the unit in line with its goals and objectives are laudable ones and they are admirable to the college but not much has been achieved due to the precarious financial situation of the College. Nevertheless, the unit keeps sourcing for more convenient and cost effective means of achieving its goals through collaborations with NGOs which is expected to yield positive result soon.

This is to notify all newly admitted (100 level) students that they are to resume on Monday 12th, April 2021 while returning (200 Level and 300 Level) students are to resume on Monday 19th, April 2021 for 2020/2021 academic session. Registration commences immediately