Historical Background 

The Department of English in the then school of Arts was one of the departments that anchored academic activities of the Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo at its inception in 1977. However, in December 1993, the school of Languages was carved out of the School of Arts and automatically the Department of English became one of its nuclei.

Since 1980, the Department has been producing well-trained NCE teachers of English Language and Literature.  Among whom are two senior Lecturers in the Department.

A notable milestone in the Department’s history was the published report of the 2000 edition of accreditation exercise of the National Commission for Colleges of Education where the Department was adjudged the best among departments of English in all Colleges of Education in Nigeria.

The Department was one of the departments in the Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, an affiliate of the University of Ibadan, given approval to run the Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Education/English) in the 2012/2013 academic session.  This was another milestone in the Department’s development

Currently, the Department has student population of about four hundred and fifty (450) in the NCE Programme and two hundred and thirty (230) in the Degree Programme.

In terms of human resources, the Department has ten (10) academic staff- four (4) Chief Lecturers, four (4) Senior lectures, one (1) Lecturer I and one (1) Lecturer III.

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