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The Department was established in 1989 with 2 Staffers at the College Temporary Site Ajagba , later in 1990 two Clerical Officers and a Typist joined the Department.  As a result of this the Department have grown to the total number of 20 Staffers comprising of 17 Audit Staff, 2 Clerical Officers and I Secretariat Staff.


The philosophy and objective of the Directorate is to:

·      Determine the accuracy and propriety of financial transaction.

·      Evaluate financial and operational procedure for adequacy of internal control and provide advice and guidance on control aspect of new policies and processes systems.

·      Verify the existence of assets and ensure that proper safeguards are maintained to protect them from loss.

·      Determine the level of compliance with the College policies and procedures and Government laws and regulations.

·      Evaluate the accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the electronic information and processing systems.

·      Determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the College in accomplishing mission and identify operational opportunities for cost savings and revenue enhancement.

·      Co –ordinate audit committee and external auditors.

·      Investigate fiscal misconduct.





The office has not gotton any Director since inception, the highest officer in the Directorate is Deputy Director of Internal Audit.

i.               Mr. Gbade AKinyele               -                 Chief Internal Auditor

ii.             Chief Gbade Okediji              -                 Chief Internal Auditor

iii.            Mr. Peter Adesewo                -                 Acting Head of Internal Audit

iv.            Mr. Owoeye, M.A.                 -                 Chief Internal Auditor

v.             Mrs. Adebayo, B.O.               -                 Deputy Director of

Internal Audit (2007 till date)    


The main functions of the Directorate of Internal Audit could be summarized as follows:

-       Upholding the Internal Control System in terms of Auditing and investigation.  The Directorate of Internal Audit is not pose for harassment or intimidation of staff but rather serve as a watch dog of the entire community.  To ensure that things are done according to the lay down procedure.

-       The reporting aspect of the Directorate of Internal Audit cut across every facet of the College activities ranging from financial, physical assets and human resources in general.

-       In our financial reporting, the Directorate of Internal Audit must always be in the know of every Department and Units where money are been generated in the College. As a way of control, we are to ensure that every kobo collected get to cashier for daily banking.  Teeming and lading must not be allowed in the College financial system.

-       That is why we carry out cash movement from time to time with the cashier to ensure compliance.

-       The Directorate of Internal Audit also function as a check on all our ventures i.e. the area where revenue are been generated to augment the Federal Government funding and Grant, determine the venture’s profitability vi-a-vis the running costs.  We offered necessary recommendations where necessary for improvement.

-       The Directorate of Internal Audit also function in the area of supply of goods and materials to the College Central Store.  In this regards, we check for quantity, quality, prices and specification in conjunction with the user departments.  No supplier can collect this money without the endorsement of his delivery note by the Directorate of Internal Audit.

-       We also study the bill of quantity of contractor for physical building and technical goods to ensure compliance before effecting payment.  We also ensure that no payment is paid to any contractor without passing through our scrutiny, at this juncture that no payment should be effected without our processing and endorsement viz. salary and wages, contractor’s claim, staff claims and others.  We do not stop at that, we equally post audit all the payments to ensure that the audited sum is paid.

-       As part of our function, we check on the loans and advances.  This is to ensure that every advance taken is retired accordingly.  To also ensure that every loan taken by staff either as salary advances or other loans are repaid as agreed upon.

-       The Directorate of Internal Audit also pertakes in taking the inventory of the College Physical Asset.  By inventory we can determine the worth of the entire College.  We also determine the location and the users of a particular Asset.

-       We are also involves in the direct purchase of goods and materials for the College.  By this method, we ensure quality and quantity coupled with reasonable and rulling prices in the market.  We have gained a lot of money to the College covered by our involvement.  The Directorate of Internal Audit is not left out in the personnel matter.  After a particular recruitment, we check on post given to a particular staff in vis- a – vis with the certificate submitted.

-       In the same contest, the Directorate of Internal Audit also involves in the personnel auditing.  This is to avoid payments of salaries to ghost worker, we also ensure that every officer is found in his duty post at every given time.

-       When an officer is retiring, the Directorate of Internal Audit is not left out.  We calculate the terminal entitlement in line with the present government policies and regulation.  We also do personnel auditing for the retiree which is term ”Am Alive”.  This is to avoid payment of pension to ghost retiree.

-       It must be noted that the decisions of the management of the College, government circulars also form the basis for our Internal control.

-       Directorate of Internal Audit investigate into any situation to find out the truth.  This also form the basis of our reporting.


·      We have been able to reduce cost of the items through regular market survey.

·      Refunds are being made in direct purchases when we buy at cheaper prices.

·      We have been able to save money from overstated Touring Advance.

·      We are able to monitor the payment of the contract works through the percentage of work done.

·      Our involvement in the DIPSAPP examinations help to realize much money during the exercise.

·      We have been able to take proper record of the College assets through periodic stock taking.

·      Our involvement in the direct labour has helped the College in reducing the cost of material used.

·      We are involved in the activities of SPED International Secondary School and Federal College of Education Staff School.

·      We have forestalled deviations from Bill of quantities and local purchase orders (LPO) by contractors.

·      Audit Directorate has been networked to the Bursary through the internet connectivity technology.

·      We have been able to ensure adherence to due process in the bidding of used vehicles.

·      Verification of Assets and Liabilities.


-       We propose to undertake staff Audit.

-       To ensure that prompt banking of cash are being made.

-       To ensure that there is strict adherence to the existing Internal Control System in place by the entire College Community.

-       Review the existing systems of Internal control.

-       Sending of Staff to various workshop and Conference that the College and the Directorate will benefit at large.

-       Encouragement of other staff of the Directorate to be professionally qualified.

-       Appraisal of the economy and efficiency of operations.

-       Review the effectiveness in achieving programme results in comparison to pre-established objectives and grants to achieve desired results.


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