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National Resource Centre for the Disabled (NRCD) is a Centre of Excellence (in special needs) established in year 2002. A Committee chaired by the then Deputy Provost, Alhaji, B. R. Ismaila with Dr. Theo Ajobiewe as Secretary submitted a proposal to the then Provost, Prof. T. A. Adedoja. The Proposal was sent to the Education Tax Fund (ETF) for consideration of F. C. E. (Sp), Oyo as Centre of Excellence in disabilities (special needs).

Vision : To become a National Resource Centre of Excellence in Special Needs issues with global linkages through the latest information and communication technology system.

Mission : Using global best practices to conduct researches on issues of special needs and related fields. To train and provide services to staff, students and other clients on information and communication technology and provide global linkages for the College, staff and students (with and without special needs).


·       Capacity building for persons with special needs

·       Outreach programmes on issues of special needs

·       Technical rehabilitation and development for all categories of special needs and;

·       Promotion of collaborative services among agencies that are involved in special needs issues.

The National Resource Centre for the Disabled is located at the Academic area of the College (FCE (Special), Oyo).

·       A Resource Centre for the production and dissemination of information on persons with special needs.

·       We undertake research studies in all areas of special education.

·       We provide consultancy services among agencies involved in special education and disability issues.

·       We link the World’s Virtual Library through latest ICT Technology.

·       We facilitate the creation of Internet Portal on special needs and provide relevant Internet services.

·       We create reduction of barriers to learning and promote collaboration among agencies involved in disability issues.


·       Availability of Internet Servers, Internet Bandwidth, Conference Room, Electronic Bill board, Server-room, Library, Cyber-Cafe, Lecture room, Technicians’ room, Director & Secretary Office, Electrical generating set (8.5Kva), Trained Technical staff.


·       Provision of Internet services to all staff, students & community

·       Global linkages for staff & students

·       ICT training for staff & students and other clients.

·       Provision of e-mails to all staff (on the College NRCD Website)

·       Provision of ICT solutions to the College, staff, students & other clients.

·       Server & Bandwidth for Internet services

·       Collaboration with School of Special Education & other schools to generate and execute researches on special need and other related issues.

·       Staffers to conduct ICT training.

·       Cyber-Cafe to provide Internet services to students.

·       Rental Services(i.e Conference hall, Chairs etc)


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