Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in the production of professionally qualified NCE teachers and rehabilitation officers for learners with special needs.


Our Mission

¨      To produce professionally qualified NCE teacher for learners with visual and hearing impairment.

¨      To provide in-service training on the emerging instructional strategies for practicing teachers who are deficient in the provision of services to learners with special needs.

¨      To produce adaptive materials for teaching/rehabilitation of learners with special needs in the society.

¨      To contribute meaningfully to the development of the immediate communities through the provision of special education support services such as providing training and adapted materials for rehabilitation training.

To promote literacy of members of the immediate communities through active participation in the college part time and sandwich programmes. 















The Department of Rehabilitation Education is one of the eight (8) departments in the School of Special Education at Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo. This great department was established in the year 1997. The department of Rehabilitation Education has been taking giant strides to implementing the Federal government policy on education specifically on Special Needs Education. Rehabilitation in itself is multi-dimensional but much more a service oriented programme. It is part of government developmental policy for her citizen. This policy exists with philosophy and objectivities centered on the government moral commitment to cater for the needs of persons with varying disabilities; this is also a bid to free them from being dependent on parents and the society at large. It also serves the purpose of ensuring full integration of persons with special needs into the mainstream of the society and to bring about self-reliance and sustainability. The department operates to actualize stated policy through the services it renders in full capacity.


Historical Background

What is now known as Rehabilitation Education Department was an upsurge of Rehabilitative Services Unit which came into existence in 1992 to 1996. However, this was later propelled into an academic department in 1997.

Before 1997, the department was not academically based but pure rehabilitative services with the academic staff teaching courses assigned to them in the Department of Education for Learners with Hearing Impairment. By 1997-1998 academic session, the Department academic programme started, and the first set of students of the department graduated in 2001. A lot of graduates of the department today are good ambassador of the college.

The department is blessed with ten (10) academic staff. Presently, students’ population from NCE II to NCE III is about 780, and has rehabilitated about thirty clients from different parts of the country. In addition to the academic programme, the department also provides clients assessment and rehabilitation services to persons with adventitious disabilities. The department has graduated fourteen (14) sets of students since its inception.


Philosophy and Objectives

The logical culmination of the education and training of people with disabilities and others with different forms of special educational needs is Rehabilitation, that is, setting into the mainstream of society as a contributory member of it, and capable of enjoying as much of its benefits as possible. People with different forms of disabilities/special needs may not be able to do this without special forms of education and training. This has necessitated the establishment of a Department of Rehabilitation Education to produce teachers in the rehabilitation of these set of people.



i.             To produce specially trained personnel to handle different aspects of the rehabilitation of people with disabilities/special needs.

ii.           To produce personnel who can teach/work in the different rehabilitation centres in the country.

iii.          To produce teachers who can handle aspects of vocational education and social work in the different special schools in country.

iv.          To produce community based rehabilitation workers and other personnel who can serve as social workers, welfare officers and rehabilitation officers.

v.            To run such other customized short courses to retrain, re-orient and rehabilitate adults who suddenly become disabled after having settled into chosen careers.

Past Heads of Department

The under listed are past Heads of Department


Rehabilitative Services (Then)

Mr. J. M. Okuoyibo                  -        1993-1996

Mr. J. A. Gbegbin                     -        1996-1997


Department of Rehabilitation Education (At Present)

Mr. G. O. Babatunde                -        1997-2000

Mr. A. M. Rauf                         -        2004-2005

Dr. (Mrs.) O. I. Olubela           -        2005-2008

Dr. (Mrs.) O. C. Dada               -        2008-2012

Dr. (Mrs.) A. I. Ajobiewe           -        2012 till date


Functions of the Department

¨      Academic Programme of teaching and learning

¨      Provision of rehabilitation to persons with special needs in the immediate community and the nation at large.

¨      Supervision of Teaching Practice of students during teaching practice

¨      Providing opportunities to students from other higher institutions for practicum experience(s) and learning.

¨      Supervision of students projects and students examinations

¨      Equipping students with vocational skills that will enable them to handle or provide rehabilitation services to clients with special needs

¨      Provision of skill acquisition to students of other department in the school of special education.

¨      Carrying out researches in special education and rehabilitation.


Notable Achievements

¨      Successful presentation and graduation of students of the department from 2001 to date

¨      From inception of the department, many clients have benefited from the rehabilitation programme from various states in the country.

¨      Our graduates from the rehabilitation programme are able to further their education at both NCE and Degree levels.

The department can make bold to mention a few of her achievements and contributions to humanity in different areas

·         Training of students who have become professionals in different areas of human endeavour. Many are now special educators and rehabilitators with degrees and placed in enviable positions within and outside the country after graduating from the college with NCE qualification in Special Education.

·         Rehabilitation of individuals with adventitious disability(ies) who had given up to fate, neglected, labelled and have suffered set back due sudden disability. Many of them have returned back to work functionally and making progress after their rehabilitation in the department. A large number of them are gainfully employed in the college and in other places.

·         Rescuing mission to disabled individuals who had taken to begging on the street due to incidence of sudden acquisition of disability condition. Many of them have been empowered through vocational skill acquisition training in the department and are self employed till date.

·         Empowering many graduating students of the department on entrepreneurial skills which have made them to be self-reliant and productive. Apart from being classroom teachers, many of them are employers of labour owing to skill(s) acquired during their studentship.

·         Restoration of hope to several individuals who have been thrown out of job due to sudden incidence of disability. Many of them have been reinstated back to their job/career after their rehabilitation programme in the department. While many students who suddenly become adventitiously handicapped are rehabilitated and returned to their formal school to continue their study and a larger percentage of them have graduated in their choice of academic pursuit.

·         Training of interested individuals in the college community (both staff and students) in different Vocational Acquisition programme and which are being used as a means of generating income for self sustenance.

·         The department has succeeded in organizing annual exhibition  of students products and college at conferences, workshops and seminars 

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