Brief History of the Department

The Department of Education for Learners with Visual Impairment is one of the departments in the School of Special Education. It was established as one of the two units of Special Education at the inception of the college (then Federal Advanced Teachers College) in 1977. Following the reorganization of the College in 1983/1984 session it became a full-fledged academic department in the School of Special Education.

The department which started with only 23 students and three staff now has over six hundred students, eleven seasoned lecturers, six braillists and three resource room attendants.

Facilities available for teaching and research in the department include classrooms, resource room, braille production centre, eye screening / Low Vision centre and the National Resource Centre for the Disabled (NRCD). The department also has the necessary equipment for training teachers and support staff for the education of learners with visual impairment such as braille machines, typewriters, abacus, tailors frame, braille embossers, etc.

Vision Statement

To reposition the department as a pre-eminent department of Education for Learners with Visual Impairment in Nigeria and one of the best departments in the production of personnel for special education in Africa that will be recognized world-wide.

Mission Statement

To produce highly motivated conscientious and efficient graduates who are well equipped with requisite knowledge, practical skills and competencies needed to teach students with visual impairment and carry out other supportive services.

Goals and Objectives of the Department

The goals and objectives of the department include:

1.      To produce teachers and support staff such as braillist and readers who are well equipped with indepth intellectual and professional skills for working with students with visual impairment

2.     To equip teachers with the necessary skills to make them proficient in reading and writing different braille codes.

3.     To provide teachers with the basic principles and practical skills in orientation and mobility training and daily living activities which are fundamental to the general rehabilitation of persons with visual impairment.

4.     To equip teachers with knowledge of current approaches, methods and materials for teaching different primary and secondary school subjects to learners with visual impairment.

Units/Services in the Department

Facilities available for teaching and research in the department include classrooms, resource room, braille production centre, eye screening / Low Vision centre and Computer laboratory for persons with visual impairment. A short description of each of these is given below:

i.                  Braille Production Centre: The centre is saddled with the responsibility of producing printed materials such as textbooks, journals, periodicals, examination questions, etc. into Braille format for persons with visual impairment.

ii.               Eye Screening/Low Vision Centre: This centre is a unit of the department which has the mandate to conduct eye screening exercise for individuals with observed vision problem. The result of the exercise is used to determine the visual acuity of an individual for necessary placement.

iii.            Computer Laboratory: The department, being a frontier in education of learners with visual impairment in this only College of Education of its kind in Sub-Sahara Africa, has a computer laboratory for learners with visual impairment. This laboratory of forty computers is being used for various academic activities; however, some challenges still abound in its usage.

Headship of the Department

The following persons have served the department as Head of Department since its inception:

1.      Miss. N. Emeruwa             -           1977 – 1988

2.     Mr. F.A. Ayoku                   -           1988 – 1993

3.     Mr. M.A. Osinuga              -           1994 – 1998

4.     Mr. B.A. Adebiyi                 -           1998 – 2002

5.     Mr. T.A. Ajobiewe              -           2002 – 2004

6.     Dr. B.A. Adebiyi                  -           2004 – 2008

7.      Mr. F.O. Nkangwung        -           2008 – 2012

8.     Mrs. O. O. Omekeh            -           2012 till date

Notable Achievements

i.                   The department offers unit courses in the affiliated degree programme with the University of Ibadan.

Projected Achievements

i.                   It is the department’s projection that by the next five years, the College would have had autonomous to award degree certificate which will in turn give the department an autonomous to offer courses as full-fledged department under a degree-awarding programme.

ii.                 500 seater departmental large lecture hall

iii.              30 well-furnished offices for staff of the department

iv.               100 seater upgraded and well-equipped resource room to accommodate services for both learners with and without visual impairment during practical exercise

Well-equipped eye screening/low vision centre with state of the heart equipment and 

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