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At the devolution of the College in 1977, Works & Maintenance Services the erstwhile Works & Services Department, was one of the Departments that were created and was saddled with the responsibility of providing and maintaining basic infrastructures, Plants and Equipment, Classrooms, Hostels, Offices, Residential accommodation, Recreational facilities, Workshops, laboratories; Power Supply, Generators etc. The Department also serves the College from time to time on acquisition, operation and maintenance of College assets including Vehicles and keeping of all records.

Works & Services Department has been accomplishing these responsibilities in a manner that resulted in a safer, cleaner and highly attractive College environment;

Units under the Works and Services Department are:

1.     Director of Works Office

2.     Building and Civil Engineering

3.     Architectural

4.     Electrical /Electronics/Information Technology

5.     Quantity Surveying

6.     Estate Management

7.     Horticulture, Parks & Garden

8.     Transport

All these units are working together as appropriate towards achieving the overall objectives of the Department viz-a-viz:

1.     Evaluate, design and provide cost for buildings and engineering infrastructures for the College in a suitable manner and in line with the acceptable Master Plan for Institutions of Higher Learning and specifically with the master plan of the College.

2.     Installation and maintenance of equipment and facilities in the College.

3.     Provision of Architectural beauty to the College buildings for the special needs of staff and students.

4.     Keeping Valuation and Inventory records of College properties.

5.     Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Schedule of Dilapidation for new construction and rehabilitation works respectively.

6.     Preparation of Tender Documentation in line with Procurement Act 2007.

7.     Construction, Supervision and Project Management.

Works & Services strives to improve, develop and maintain College properties essentially for the safety, mobility and quality of life of College community.

Presently, Staff of Works & Services Department are grouped according to their operations as follows (Please see Appendix ‘A’ and ‘B’ for both the list and organogram):

a.     Administrative Staff                -           3

b.     Technical Staff            -           33

c.     Artisans                                   -           14

d.     Drivers                                                -           26

e.     Casual Staff                             -           4



It is on note that the department had been variously appreciated for the display of professionalism in the discharge of its duties.  Notable among these was the circular emanated from the Federal Ministry of Education referenced FME/1271/I dated June 12, 2008 where Monitoring and Evaluation Team in the South West commended the College for the good level of success on the implementation of MDG Projects and commendation for “Best Practices” from Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) during the Year 2013 TETFund Strategic Workshop held at Abuja on Tuesday, 26th November, 2013 where the College was the only Higher Institution from the South West Geopolitical Zone singled out and commended.



The department is working assiduously to achieve world-class Works and Services Department necessary for the development of world-class academic environment; more so, with the upgrading of the College to University status in view.


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